A community of people 

Finding Meaning & Mission in Following Jesus

Congregation meets each Sunday at 9.30am for prayer and 10.30am for Communion and Bible Talk at 7 Taylor St, Kadina

Children and youth programs Sundays 11 - 11.45am during school term in the hall. 

Other groups and activities throughout the week.

We have a deep desire to see the congregation shaped by the gospel. We are seeking in various times and ways to immerse one another in the truth of Jesus every week, enabling the body to remember who our Father is, what he’s done in Christ, and what he promises about our future. We celebrate Christ’s victory, consider our commitment to him and to one another, and we are sent on his mission in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Contact: Secretary 0400 159 184 for more information

Email: churchofchrist@yp-connect.net

Making the most of every opportunity, and finding new and creative ways,

to reach, teach and equip people in the Copper Coast and beyond, to know, love and serve Jesus

Kadina Christian Bookshop & Pre-Loved Goods & Clothing 

can be found at 10 Graves St, Kadina

Phone enquiries 

Christian Bookshop: Helen (Manager) 0412 616 938

Pre Loved: 0438 377 380

Open 10am - 4pm weekdays and open on Saturdays 10am -1pm 

The bookshop was originally opened by the Sawley family on the 5th December 1979 and was taken over by the Church of Christ in May 1982. We have moved 5 times since then!

The shop is run by volunteers coming from various churches in the district. We are a charity and have supported:

The bookshop provides an opportunity to witness to the people within the local community, including those who just pop in for a chat.

CHRISTIAN BOOKSHOP Helen (Manager) 0412 616 938

We sell:

We stock a good range of gifts for Baptism, Communion and Confirmation.


The Pre-Loved section of the shop carries a large range of goods donated by the community.

We keep our prices low, with most clothes being the same price they were 12 years ago. We have a clearance range of clothes and books each month for $1-00.

We have gifted  goods to assist people:

We have given Christmas thankyou gifts to various volunteer organisations such as CFS as well as staff of Aged Care Facilities